PTCL Internet Speed Test Service is available here. The broadband internet speed test is to check the speed of your DSL connection. Now you can check test your slow DSL internet connection Speed. While PTCL is the best internet DSL service provider across Pakistan but they also face some issues at their end because there is a lot of customers increasing day by day in Pakistan, there is a lot of active connections but we can say that PTCL is determined to give us best services on the landline broadband level. I personally recommend PTCL Internet because it giving reliable and affordable services, sometimes line issues may occur but we can’t consider this issue on their speed.

How does PTCL Dsl Speed Test work?

PTCL Internet speed test meter will provide you the best and accurate result.  Ptcl DSL speed test provides you the best and accurate result but keeps in mind during the speed test you must close all your active connections like browsing, live videos, your active downloads, and any kind of connection which is busy in downloading or uploading files or updates. During the speed Test of PTCL, make sure that all connections are closed to get the best and accurate result.

Sometimes there may be virus and some computer issues which interrupt internet speed and we think that our service provider Like Evo, Wateen have some problems but actually, there might be a problem in our own system or we using wifi which has low signals like wifi router is in other room and we are far from that device which signal strength is low. Pakistan Telecom Company Limited is one of the leading broadband service providers in Pakistan. PTCL is offering 1 MB to 8 Mb Speed for a normal customer with unlimited download.

SPEED TEST PTCL Service is reliable but the main issue that user and Broadband service provider facing is the phone line, which is the main cause of low internet speed because sometimes there may be some cut in the line and is very difficult to find out that where the problem is which is very irritating for the customer. Due to these issues many customers like to use Evo wingle, nitro, and Charjee because these devices have no boundaries. You can also do a 3g Evo wingle speed test. This is an age of competition & every company is trying to give their best to their customers. There is a lot of load on networks everyone is aware with the internet and using day and nights so Telecommunication companies are working on it. Because of this problem every user tries to check their internet connection that what is the downloading and uploading speed of their service provider is providing. However, the DSL Speed Test will give you an accurate result. If you have doubts about the DSL speed test result kindly do an Internet speed test more than once.